Private company AS Remedia was established in 1994.

AS Remedia has been evolved from Kuusalu kolkhoz, which was located in 36 km from the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, in the place called Kiiu. Kolkhoz was pursuant to official version defined as a community based on voluntary nature, where the means of production and work were formally collective property of kolkhozniks and only land belonged to the state. Kolkhozes were generally involved in the production of agricultural products.

Unlike civil servants monthly salary of was remarkably higher and income tax was not deducted from it. Directors of kolkhozes i.e. chairmen, as they were called at that time, had considerably more freedom regarding farm management than the managers of public-sector companies.

Many energetic and prudential chairmen were able to use that privilege and invested money of kolkhoz in profitable subsidiaries. Naturally, the consent of high-level party officials was needed for that reason, but they also had something to be proud of.

In autumn 1969 the first similar company was established, which was called „Estron“ and it was involved in producing of electronic devices used in Estonian agriculture. By the year 1972 the whole USSR knew about this company and orders were coming even from the Institute for Space Studies. In ESTRON also the first personal computer in USSR called „Juku“ was prepared.

Being ahead of its time, in spring of 1978 it got involved with biotechnological research and in 1979 a separate entity was established with the name „BioEstron“ which became a leader in the field of biotechnological research and test-bed for Union-wide studies. For the development of a whey-based fodder yeast the company received the national award of USSR.

During the dry law by Gorbatshov many changes in alcohol industry took place and the production was practically stopped and it was at the edge of destruction. Just at this „ Law“ period „BioEstron“ decides to get involved in production of alcohol beverages and gains licence for alcohol production as the first company besides the public company „Liviko“.

Gaining at first licence for producing only low-alcohol drinks, company brings to the market in 1990 egg liqueur „Kiiu Torn“, which was made of natural egg yolks. The original recipe was developed in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology. It got named by an old architectural site, which was built in XVI century. For production of the liqueur the same equipment was used which was used also for production of cyclodextrins.

Storage tanks used for growing fodder yeast were perfectly suitable for producing berry liqueurs, and so in autumn of the year 1990 cranberry liqueur was brought to the market. In 1991, immediately after the declaration of republic, company was privatised. In 1992 company was registered in commercial register as AS Remedia. In 1994 AS Remedia gained licence for production of alcohol beverages as the first private company. With that event public monopoly was broken up. In order to celebrate it, AS Remedia brought a new trademark to the market: „Monopol Vodka“. During several years company has been investing its recourses to innovate production and modernise technology. A new packaging line has been purchased from Italy, a semi-automatic production line has been projected and built as a custom-made article in Finland, distillation facilities in United States of America, Denmark and Finland. In filtration process carbon filters from Germany and Japan are used. Beverages are bottled in containers from Finland, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Czech and other producing countries.

Design of package is produced in Estonia and also abroad if necessary.

Staff of AS Remedia has a long-term working experience and excellent training. Laboratory has all kind of necessary equipment in order to check and guarantee conformity of products with the European standard.

All products meet EU EC110/2008 requirements.

At the present time AS Remedia belongs to three largest producers of alcohol in Estonia.

AS Remedia assortment includes: vodkas, flavoured vodkas, gins, natural berry and fruit liqueurs, herbal liqueurs and balsams. Cream liqueur and natural egg liqueur are found in the list as well.

Products of Remedia have won international recognition and valuable prizes at well-known alcohol competitions.

Flexible price system has been structured accordingly to clients preferences in recipes, technology, container size and label design.

AS Remedia is a reliable cooperative partner with companies which are wishing to create their own private label i.e. trademark or to adjust already functional brand with changing conditions of the market. In cooperation with our specialists You will create a new brand or change the existing design for new and more contemporary one.